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Road Map [2019]


  • Brainstorm for use scenarios and gain partnerships for accepting Coin for goods and services

  • Development begun on new CFCC server management bot

  • Work on Next level White Paper

  • 2019 Road Map Development

  • Telegram bot added for seamless communication


  • Continue Marketing Push

  • Revamp Exchanges 

  • Wallet updates if required

  • Discord updated

  • Status of PoS block


  • CFCC Update Videos and continued Push

  • Staking solutions evaluated and revamp if required

  • 3 New Exchanges should be reached

  • Social Media outlets advertising

  • Full implementation of utility coin should be reached 



  • Possible launch of new project for the team

  • Road Map

  • WhitePaper

  • Exchange

  • Discord, Telegram, and other social media outlets 

Please keep in mind this roadmap can undergo alteration, modification, omissions and is subject to change 

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