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Sep 11

Rewarding System for CFC Blog and Forum


Hello Fighters, By now you have seen the next crypto fad where you earn points, tokens and leveling in so called decentralized social media sites. I'm not going to name them as I've been advertising and utilizing them myself. It's all good, as anything to push our love of crypto without the scam is what is the most important point now. I've taken a deeper look at our hub located here within our website and I feel and know we can innovate to make our hub incorporate rewards for activity and posting through our blog. Currently, only partners and core team are set as writers. I'm hoping to incorporate a rewards system to the hub to encourage utilization and another use case for Glov. Unfortunately, there are no bots to evaluate and verify potential great posts to pass to our blog and disseminate through all our social channels. I'm certain we will need to do it manually for the time being like a website, news editor. With this being said, I've given Klinkers [CFCC Dev], Googoomuck - CFCC Dev and of course myself editor rights to our CryptoFightClub website. Our other core members will be added if they wish to participate in giving out Glov. But here is the intriguing part. I always advocate unity and in doing so, any partner that wishes to reward utilizing our reward system is encouraged to list with us. Now, while there is no bot to keep coiners honest and prevent rewards for posting on their own blogs and forums by rewarding at a higher scale. I will say this, that I share this idea for the betterment of all our endeavors and hope you will allow us at CryptoFightClub to implement without apprehension of sabotage. We already implement many tipbots so rewards for well thought and cited posts can be done with proof of payment. We also utilize desktop wallets as well. So we can show proof of reward. What is the reward scale you may ask? 1.0 Glov for a well written original post that captures an audience. 0.1 Glov for a well written, engaging and properly cited article 0.05 Glov for a well written, engaging, properly cited and summarized link And 0.0001 Glov for an engaging link if we find it useful, relevant and worth disseminating. Disclaimer -The rewards are subject to editor article approval and dissemination. Also, articles must be done here within the forum located within the official CryptoFightClub website. I encourage you to join at https://www.cryptofightclubco.in, once there look for the log in and sign up. We will more than likely be hiring other editors, but to be considered we will interview and scrutinize as we need to be sure of whom we bring on to the team. ****For Partners that wish to list with us under the reward system, please note we do have a fee, as we are working on building bots and improving the website, as well as upgrading or migrating the forum as we are confident this will grow. What makes this different than the tokenized others? First, we are not a token. Second, your core editors will be acting as filters to cease unmerited rewards so those putting in the effort are rewarded instead of a generalized system with no scales. Third, you are participating in the community, encouraging unity, ensuring awareness of our project. Yes I said our project, because without you, there is no currency, no project. Fourth, your are letting your voice be heard and that's what is important in this business, the voice of the CryptoVerse as you move the industry. Fifth, Glov is listed on different exchanges and fully tradeable, a lot of the tokens from the other sites have to be assimilated into their platform and converted to either Eth, Tron, EOS, Waves and or other available platforms. Then they can be traded. It's not bad, but can be a hassle. With our plan, you're getting and accumulating a fully tradeable "e-asset". Glov rains and giveaways on discord will continue, but may not be as frequent and will depend on what campaigns we have going on at the time. I hope you join us in this new Social Media method of rewarding. Thank you for your time and attention, Pharaoh

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